Studio type: Interior

“Gulfstream G450” private jet interior

Studio Features


  • 5.67x6.10m
  • Ceiling height - 4.5m
  • No daylight
  • Dressing room/Makeup area
  • Wi-Fi access


Aircraft cabin characteristics

The interiors of a premium class private jet, Gulfstream G450. The aircraft is valued at 12 million euros.
  • Cabin size - length 6.04m x width 2.54m x height 2.09m
  • Cabin includes air conditioner, TV, and a sound system
  • Power supply - 380W
  • Many power outlets and additional lighting
  • All details and seats can be moved. Cabin windows can be opened
  • Leather, wood, top materials, handwork
  • Cabin includes a makeup room and a large mirror
  • Large entrance for the shooting crew
Props and furniture you see on these photos may differ from those available on the date of your shooting
  • Studio - Lightfield Photo Studio
  • Studio - Lightfield Photo Studio
  • Studio - Lightfield Photo Studio
  • Studio - Lightfield Photo Studio

Book studio space

Booking a photo session in “Gulfstream G450” private jet interior is available for an hour or more. Renting fee for residents of Kiev and guests - during daytime and during evenings.

Use the booking calendar if you’d like to book the “Gulfstream G450” private jet interior space. To book a photographer, makeup, retouching, and stylist, write an email to or call the administrator using this phone number +38 (044) 391-55-91.

Studio equipment

  • Broncolor Siros 400 WiFiBroncolor Siros 400 WiFi
  • Broncolor Siros 800 WiFiBroncolor Siros 800 WiFi
  • Broncolor Octabox 150 cmBroncolor Octabox 150 cm
  • Broncolor Softbox 30x180 cmBroncolor Softbox 30x180 cm
  • Broncolor Softbox 90x120 cmBroncolor Softbox 90x120 cm
  • Broncolor Beauty Dish Reflector - 20.4Broncolor Beauty Dish Reflector - 20.4

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