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  • Additional Services
  • Assistant
    200 UAH | 1 hour
  • Makeup room
    Makeup room
    200 UAH | 1 hour
  • More visitors
    More visitors
    50 UAH | 1 hour per person
  • Extra monolight
    Extra monolight
    300 UAH | per unit
  • Pets and animals
    Pets and animals
    from 200 UAH | per session
  • Studio cleaning
    Studio cleaning
    from 100 UAH | per session


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Minimal booking - 2hr.


Add services (from 10:00 to 22:00)
Makeup room
More visitors
Extra monolight
Pets and animals
Studio cleaning
When booking, you agree with studio regulations

Booking information

Booking regulations

  • Minimum photo studio rental time is 2 hours.
  • Rental period counts from the beginning of the time you scheduled.
  • In case your shooting has ended ahead of schedule, the booked period will be charged in full.
  • The end of the rental period will be the time when you leave the studio. After the shooting process is over, you must unplug all the equipment, arrange settings and furniture back to their initial position, and take all your belonging and personal items with you.
  • If you plan a complex photo shoot (using confetti, bulk or fluid materials, etc.), which requires cleaning afterwards, we recommend you to order cleaning while booking. Cleaning carried out by yourself is included into your paid-up rental time.
  • If your shooting format will require room cleaning, please consider that while booking.
  • You can extend your shooting time if the studio is free after the end of your booked time. Please check the availability of rental extension with the administrator before the start of your shooting.
  • If you stay in the studio for more than 15 minutes after your rental time is over, we extend your rental period for the next half an hour, and you’ll have to pay for it according to our current rates.
  • Studio rental cost includes the following:
    • The studio stage booked by you;
    • A standard studio light set: 5 light sources;
    • Backgrounds and settings that belong to the booked stage.
  • If required, the Client can hire additional props, make-up room, and equipment for shooting for an additional fee. Please check in advance the availability of all the things you will be needing.
  • You will find the full studio rental regulations here.

Booking information

  • We can book a studio for you upon recieving an advance payment at the rate of 50% of the rental cost.
  • We accept cash in UAH, as well as bank transfers to our bank accounts.
  • Please, be sure to inform the administrator about an advance payment sent to our account at our studio phone number and send any available payment confirmation to our e-mail.
  • You can also make an advance payment for studio rental in cash or with your bank card to the studio’s administrator. Advance payment shall be made at least 48 hours prior the beginning of the studio rental time.

Cancellation policy

  • If you cancel or move your studio reservation less than 24 hours before your scheduled start time, you’ll be charged for the booked studio time in full.
  • In case you refuse to pay any fines or penalties, we reserve the right to refuse from further cooperation with you.

Full studio regulations

  • Rental of rooms is provided only after signing the rental agreement.
  • You can enter or work in the studio areas only wearing indoor shoes or shoe covers. You can ask administrator for shoe covers.
  • When you receive equipment or props for use, please check its state, integrity, and operability in presence of the administrator. If you have found any equipment faults or damages, please inform the studio administrator immediately.
  • In the case of a breakdown of studio equipment, sets or accessories caused by you, you agree to refund all damages in the amount and to the extent established by the studio’s administration.
  • For your convenience and to avoid any background damage, paper background changing is performed only by the studio administrator.
  • After the end of shooting, the administrator checks equipment state, integrity, and operability.
  • Shooting with drums and plugged-in electronic musical instruments is permitted only in case you rent all stages of the studio.
  • In studio rooms, eating is prohibited. Exception to this rule applies to the cases previously approved with the administrator, when the food products are the objects of photo shooting.
  • Burning an open fire or smoking are prohibited in the studio (unless the latter is dictated by the artistic necessity and you have informed the administrator in advance), as well as other actions that can damage the photography studio’s property.
  • In case of nude photo/video shoot, all models shall have appropriate documents verifying that they are of legal age. (art. 301 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, art. 7 of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Public Morality”)
  • Porn or sexually explicit shootings are strictly prohibited in the studio. (Art. 301 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, art. 7 of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Public Morality”)
  • At our studio, staying in the cyclorama area without shooting is prohibited.
  • The studio administration assumes no responsibility for any personal belongings kept or left by the clients in the studio rooms.
  • If more than 6 people are present in the studio at one time, you need to get prior approval from the administration. Additional fee for each person over the standard limit is 50 UAH per hour.
  • Animals in the studio are allowed only after prior consent of administration. Additional fee for photo shoots with animals is 200 UAH per shooting.
  • The studio administrator has the right to stay at the shooting stage during the photo shoot session.
  • Upon renting the studio space, the Client assumes liability for damages for the equipment, backgrounds, props, rented studio rooms, interiors, or stages. In case of any damage to equipment, props or indoor space of the studio, the Client shall compensate for damages at the rate equal to the market cost of repair, dry-cleaning, or complete replacement in case of non-repairability.
  • In case of damage to background, the photography studio has the right to charge the Client with a compensation at the rate of 200 UAH per 1 meter.
  • In case of falling of a lighting unit, the Client pays 500 UAH fine whether there are any visible damages on the appliance or not.
  • All studio rooms are under 24/7 video surveillance.
  • We reserve the right not to admit people under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs to the studio or to ask them to leave the presmises if needed.

Studios and Interiors Rental

Being the largest photography studio complex in the Eastern Europe, Lightfield.Productions combines a photography studio of 2500 m2 together with a creative space for photographers. The studio is located in Kiev, Ukraine at 21 Polevaya str. (Solomenskiy district). At Lightfield.Productions, there are 14 rooms and sets for photo shoots. The sets include 4 large cycloramas, as well as built sets such as “Apartment”, “Lab”, “Country house”, and “Office” interiors. The ceiling height at the studio is 4.5 meters and there is also a garage door which provides access to vehicles and props for shooting large-sized objects. All stages and rooms can be easily transformed and can be changed in size by means of movable walls. The studio can simultaneously host 14 different photo shoots.

Studio Booking

The costs of renting the studio for an hour starts from 400 UAH and depends on a chosen studio area, the necessary equipment, and the required personnel. To book one of the interiors or cycloramas today, please fill in the form indicating all the requirements; a built-in calculator will immediately show you the final cost. Studio rental service is available on week days from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Types of Photo Shoots

The size, props, and sets of the studio allow to conduct any type of photo shoot: wedding, interior, child, family, still-life, fashion shoots, photo sessions for pregnant women, as well as portfolio photo sessions. Child photo shoots can take place in the “Apartment” and “Country house” interiors.

Photography equipment rental

At Lightfield.Productions, you can rent any gear - there are a total of 88 light sources, 11 cameras, and 64 lenses available. Rental prices are specified in the studio booking form. You can also rent any other props from the studio: clothing, household items, accessories, bicycles, tools, and other necessary props.

Studio’s Team

The Lightfield.Productions studio team will help you to bring your boldest ideas to life. Our team is readily available to assist you in your photoshoots - make-up artists, stylists, casting directors, producers, and retouch artists. Everything is arranged in a way that allows a photographer to focus on his or her work without wasting time and effort on organizational issues.

In the casting base of the studio there are as many as 1200 models, so you can choose a model even on the day of the shoot. Our large post-production team will help you to quickly process your shots and to get the desired result.